I made my visiting teachees cookies. Someone suggested I take them on a picnic and that is impossible, being December in Michigan, but the food topic and the Christmas season led to that idea of cookeis. A half dozen each (so 2 dozen total) as well as 2 candy canes all prettied up for each of them. I used a candy corn shaped Halloween cookie cutter to make Christmas trees! haha. VT was still pretty awful but I am really making the effort to be kind to my sisters even if I don’t have anything in common or feel awkward around them. I think they responded well enough =) Also, I’m a hugger, so hopefully that masked a lot of the awkwardness. No one thinks you’re uncomfortable around them if you give them a hug! 


And 3 of my sisters have dogs. I volunteered to Dog sit <3

so.. yes. Good. Yes. Step by step, lovelies!

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