And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them. 1 Nephi 3:7 (via inspiringldsquotes)

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do you ever read a fic that is so much better than the actual canon that you get angry

yessssssss. especially because it’s incomplete and I’ve talked to the author and she wants to finish a different series first but she’s working on new stories instead of that series so my fav fic is like 11th in line or something stupid and I don’t even want to watch the television show anymore because the fix is so much better than the garbage that has become canon. hff. 

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Just be your best self.


Just be your best self.

Let us not give up on the Lord. His blessings are eternal, not temporary. — Robert D. Hales (via mormonchannel)

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Oh my gosh these last two weeks of masterchef have been sooooo good


I always had a lot of fun at YSA activities. There were games, service nights, dinners, and we were all tight-knit because we saw each other 3 or 4 times a week. Getting baptized at 18 and then married at 20, I didn’t get a lot of time with them. I think it’d be really cool to have a Young Married adult group or something. Relief society is JUST women, and of all ages and stages in life so there’s not always something to talk about. But if you had married couples with at least one of the two be between 18 and 30 have a board game night with child care for those with kids (like how they have childcare during Relief Society monthly meetings) I think that’d be so cool! A couple my age moved into the ward recently and we’re having a hard time finding ways to get together because they’re just getting settled. Another couple is Tall Cake’s age but they live with the guy’s parents and so don’t really have company over. And then we live out in the boonies with a small apartment that’s not super suitable for a crowd. If we could all set up a time and date and use the church building I think it would really help our age group feel more included. YSA serves a bigger purpose than just inclusion (pairing off and getting married to someone in the church with the same values) but it would still be nice to have something for Young Married Adult Couples instead of just Women or just Men of all ages. 

sometimes I see investigators with questions on tumblr and I go to check out their page and see if I can answer questions and I see that an ex or an anti has already gotten to them and I just want to reach through the computer and snatch them away from those stupid other people like no baby bird don’t you fly to them they don’t know anything about anything let ol’ shortcake learn you somethin about somethin and you’ll be alright. 

God uses scripture to unmask erroneous thinking, false traditions, and sin. He is a tender parent who would spare us needless suffering and grief and at the same time help us realize our divine potential. D. Todd Christofferson (via consider-thelilies)

littlepurplepansies asked: My husband's family just had an aunt pass that had a dying wish to be sealed to her parents, who had both been remarried a few times. All couples get sealed. If someone was married multiple times, they get sealed to each spouse so you can seal their children to them. I imagine logistics of "oh well, we got divorced" will be worked out in the next life..

That seems really odd to me, but it does make sense to just have everyone sealed to everyone and if something was done incorrectly it just won’t count. I mean, that’s what we do with names right? Someone has their name entered online with 3 different spellings or birth dates, then someone does the work by proxy for the same person 3 times with all those different spellings/dates yeah? So alright, good to know. Thanks!!

I personally liked the council of Seventy member Elder Wells. He said

Family members need not worry about the sealing situation of blended families as it might be in the next life. Our concern is to live the gospel now and to love others, especially those in our family. If we live the gospel to the best of our ability, the Lord in His love and mercy will bless us in the next life and all things will be right.

I have seen some new blended families become torn apart by worrying about who will belong to whom and who will be with whom in the next life. My mother, who is sealed to my deceased father, is married to a widower who is sealed to his first wife, who died childless. My mother and her second husband have a son, who is my brother. We are not concerned about who will be sealed to whom. We simply trust in the Lord’s wisdom and love and try to live righteously.

which, to me, said that in the case of blended families or divorced parents, it doesn’t really matter who gets sealed, which I originally took as “God will work it out in the eternities if civil unions have made it unclear” but your explanation of “God will work it out and knows which sealings are in place after you do the work for everyone” sounds right =)


moiapres asked: About sealing divorced parents (never sealed) by proxy - I asked my temple president about doing their work, and he said that doing the work is our responsibility no matter the circumstances. I haven't been able to find a second witness confirming or denying it yet, but that may be something to consider. ALSO BEING SEALED IS AMAZING.

Yes, totally agree that doing their work (baptisms, confirmations, sealing to THEIR parents) is absolutely our responsibility. But what I don’t know is that it’s allowed to seal two people that decided to be divorced to each other. They are not married any longer in this life, and they chose not to be sealed in this life, so how can we choose to put them back together for a sealing? You’re sealing together two people that ended life unmarried. Why not just seal together two strangers? And what about multiple divorces? Seal to the first marriage? seal to the marriage with the most kids? Do their work, their baptisms and confirmations and family history and such, but doing their sealings after a divorce? That’s pretty complicated. But YES being sealed is the most amazing thing in the woooorld <3 <3 That and being a member in general, and having babies, and just everything. Everything is amazing, being sealed in particular ^.^


Anonymous asked: I love your blog. When I see the wonderful things you post and think of all the followers you probably have, it just makes me think I'm doing something right in this world when you like one of my posts. Thank you for standing for something worthwhile

aww shucks


Anonymous asked: Is there an scripture where adults can read to get help on tolerance (with kids?) Kids in my city are like mini-adults, they think adults are bad so they become bad, yet they want to save the world. I don't understand their psychology. Maybe it's the culture they grew up watching at home or nurture.

I think what you’re asking is “are there any scriptures out there to help an adult be more tolerant with children?” And if so, then yes. There are PLENTY of scriptures, talks, quotes,etc that preach loving children, that children are innocent, that children need to be taught and disciplined then shown an increase of love, the value of teaching children right from wrong, all that good stuff. I think specifically tolerating children is really code for being patient with their negative behaviors and teaching them better behavior, which has to do with love ;D Because there are so many, I’m going to take the lazy route and direct you to  where you can find verses and quotes about teaching children in the home, teaching children who stray from the light, disciplining children, and all that good stuff. Here is an article from the ensign about helping to change a child’s negative behavior, so that might be the most helpful to you =) Good luck!


Anonymous asked: Is same-sex attraction just a trial that has been put in place, and something that someone could over come? Also, is it possible to be sealed to a gay parent? My parents have split, and my mother is now living with her new girlfriend. Can I be sealed to both my mum and dad?

Pretty long explanation, short answers: Yes, Yes, and Depends. 

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Anonymous asked: Thanks for answering. Yes, it is true that I cannot talk about religion @ work with kids. I choose not to reveal my religion because kids will say the darnest things. (I'm the least respect because of my height and frame.) I work with kids-at-risk so I make sure what I say does not produce hate towards anything different from their norms. Maybe I should say I learn about religion in school? My employer blames me for not well managing them after kids call me "witch, demon, devil."

I don’t really understand: why do they call you witch, demon, devil when they don’t know your faith? You said before they called you those things because they had misinformation about the LDS faith right? But you didn’t reveal your religion to them? I’m just really confused as to what the problem is… sorry =( But I wouldn’t say anything untrue, anyway. If they ask how you would know about one faith or another, answer honestly. That’s not preaching, that’s giving an answer to a question without bias, which is allowed. If you studied religions in school, then answer that. If you met personally with the missionaries, tell them so. ^_^








Disney is a Magical Place (30 Pics)

Can I be Sally?? PLEASE OMFG

the deadmau5 photo tho ha ha ha

This is why I love Disney



reblogging for that last gif because 

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